“Lost in the System” Tori Sandoval Case Part 2

“Lost in the System” Tori Sandoval Case Part 1

Robin Sax of Fox 11 discusses the Tori Sandoval murder and abuse case

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Please watch “True Crime Stories” this Friday, November 9th @ 10:30pm

We are so thankful that Fox 11 has taken such an interest in Tori’s case. This Friday, November 9th @ 10:30pm on Fox 11 “True Crime Stories-Lost in the System,” will be aired. This will shed further light on Tori’s case, as well as highlight the shortcomings of the system to keep these children safe.

Please watch and share your comments.

A big thanks to Robin Sax and Gina Silva

(follow them on Twitter for updates and other interesting stories: @robinsax and @ginasilvafox11)



Los Angeles Local News, Weather, and Traffic

Arraignment set for November 15th

We at Tori’s Torch are anxiously awaiting the arraignment of Tori’s biological parents, which is scheduled for November 15th. The trial date will then be set and we can begin moving forward to seeking the justice Tori deserves.

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