Many people ask us why the Ladybug? Tori reminded us of a ladybug… cute
and adorable but loved being outside and was always on the go. We took
her to Knott’s Berry Farm to Snoopy Town (because she LOVED dogs more
than anything, that and picking flowers) and had her handprint done as a
LADYBUG. She had so much fun that day and was in AWE when she got to give
Snoopy a high five!!!

As we were planning for her service I was looking up things about ladybugs.
I found that it is the Dutch National symbol against aggression and mindless
violence. How appropriate is that after what our little ladybug went through.

So whenever you see a ladybug if you would take the time to say a prayer
for the 500,000 children enduring child abuse and neglect that would be such a
blessing and a tribute to Tori and our family.

This is a poem that a dear friend wrote about Tori and really portrays
perfectly who she was.


Spring brings new life abounding but never oh so sweet
As when a piece of heaven joined us with such busy little feet
Your bright and playful eyes and that mischievous winsome smile
Captivated our hearts with boundless energy all the while

You climbed every mountain, explored every rock
Picked every flower, barely taking time to walk
You had a crazy love for dogs but your favorite one was pink
And without your poodle Baby

Copyright © Dandelion by Pexeto

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